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SpectraVision, BioEnergetic Balancing $100

Springboarded from the field of non-cognitive biofeedback, BioEnergy Balancing™ offers a unique opportunity to examine various aspects of the energetic body. Although "energetic" testing is not new, this latest innovation called The SpectraVision™ is so advanced, that it can measure even the subtlest of changes in the body. It utilizes specialized components that are designed to recognize even the smallest of changes in the body, and such changes correlate with the bio-energy fields of the body.

The SpectraVision™ now opens an exciting view into the individual energetic patterns of each individual. It creates a view into the energetic signature of each person and is a valuable tool to promote the principles of energetic wellness and balance.

Because of the importance in supporting the energy systems of the body by use of this balancing process, now, many of the energetic blocks to wellness can be determined. Such blocks may include resonant stress responses to toxins such as pesticides and chemicals, or issues surrounding defenses for viruses, bacteria, fungus or parasites energetic demand for particular vitamins and minerals. It is a completely dynamic system providing energetic insight to skeletal, nerves, organs, glands, hormones, amino acids and hundreds of other aspects of the body.

Even emotional aspects that hinder overall health can be identified. Aspects of the energetic regulating systems of the body can now be fully assessed with incredible accuracy!

Emotional CPR $70 (Center Point Release)

By combining Low Level Light Therapy and Profusions, access can be obtained to support wellness of the emotional body.

Ionic Footbaths $35

An adanced ionically charged cellular detox system Increases the efficiency of the body's natural detoxification systems, increases cellular absorption and boosts the immune system.


EmOtox Therapy $50 per session (10 sessions) or $300 if paid up front

EmOtox is a brilliantly conceived technology that combines cold laser therapy, non-cognitive biofeedback, and homeopathy into one integral program that can help clean out years or even decades of accumulated toxic waste from the body. It is the premier resource for natural detoxification.

The EmOtox technology and the "Induction Laser" were invented in the United States five years ago; however, the components that are combined to create the therapy have been well researched for over 30 years. EmOtox can be used safely by adults and children of any age. The "Induction Laser" that is used during the EmOtox protocol is a class 3a Cold Laser and has been FDA approved for use. Over 500 studies have been done on cold lasers in the past 30 years without a single negative side effect reported.

Alenov Wellness has provided EmOtox therapy to patients with remarkable results. EmOtox is also an extremely economical therapy in today's market. Previous therapies that have tried to produce similar results took longer and cost three to four times the amount. At Alenov Wellness we make a commitment to our patients to always be on the cutting edge of alternative health care, bringing our patients the best therapies at the best price.


How It Works:

Using next generation biofeedback technology, EmOTox measures stress levels in the autonomic nervous system and identifies substances that cause these stress levels to rise and then create the over-reactive body response.It then selects a set of positive vibrational stimuli that are introduced to the body through low-level induction laser therapy to remove all negative associations with the substance. Through this therapy, your body can be retrained to react appropriately to normally harmless substances, thereby eliminating the over-reactive body response.

This fast, non-invasive, pain free and effective treatment can identify, address, and resolve unwanted body responses to thousands of potential substances.The 12 session EmOtox procedure is designed to leave you free of hypersensitivity and metabolic imbalances without the use of shots, needles or drugs.

The results may vary depending on severity of the body response and how long you have been affected. However, most clients report a significant improvement in energy, digestion and mental clarity, as well as an overall increased sense of wellbeing.


Common Questions about EmOtox

Q: What is EmOtox?
A: EmOtox is a state of the art technology that eliminates OBR's (Over-reactive Body Responses).OBR's are similar to allergies but are much more common.Many people who have been tested are told they do not have an allergy but still complain of similar symptoms such as fatigue, foggy brain, digestive issues, inflammation, low immunity, congestion and respiratory conditions.OBR's are very common and many people experience them from time to time. Most people report a drastic improvement in these symptoms after EmOtox therapy.

The very same substances that cause allergic reaction can also cause OBR's, such as pollen, foods, chemicals, molds and environmental pollution.While molds, pollen and other naturally occurring substances have been around since the beginning of time, the numbers of chemicals and environmental pollutants have been rising at an alarming rate.It is because of this that the number and severity of both allergies and OBR's have increased dramatically in the last ten years.At this point in time, it is not a question of if you have OBR's, but rather how many and how severe are your OBR's.The sooner they are discovered and eliminated with the EmOtox technology, the sooner your body can recover and return to a state of healing and regeneration.

Q: What types of conditions does EmOtox help with?
A: When the body reduces its "toxic load" (years of junk food, cigarette smoke, bad oils, environmental toxins, hairspray, etc.) it is able to find the energy to heal, feel energetic and balance itself. It is also the most thorough way to address all types of allergens: environmental, foods, chemicals, pets and others.

Q: How effective is EmOtox?
A: 80% of the current treatment population reports significant improvements with the basic protocol. The other 20% will require additional procedures such as additional detoxification protocols or stress reduction work to reach a similar level of improvement. In some instances, additional EmOtox sessions may be necessary.

Q: Is there currently any research data proving the effectiveness of the EmOtox procedure?
A: There is not. EmOtox is a new procedure. The Induction LASER technology is only 2 years old and is still in the research and development stages. It is, however, a registered Class 3a Diode LASER which has been cleared for use with patients. Over 20 years of research and use of Class 3a (Cold) Lasers has yet to turn up a single negative or harmful side effect.

Q: How will I feel while I am doing the EmOtox protocol?
A: Most people will feel an overall improvement in energy and symptoms. Others with severe or long term conditions or allergies may notice a temporary drop in energy levels indicating the need for further detoxification and supplementation during the procedures.


Nutritional Counseling

8 of the top 10 causes of death in America are directly related to poor nutrition. Additionally, the 8 modifiable factors of premature aging are all influenced by nutrition.

We only use and recommend the most well-researched and highest quality supplements, most of which are only available to licensed healthcare practitioners so you can be certain that the quality far exceeds most of those found in vitamin and health food stores. Our largest supplement suppliers are New Human, Innovita, and DesBio. Using the SpectraVision,, we can specifically test your body to see if one supplement is better for your body than another and determine how much you need to take.

Nutritional counseling appointments are available.. All orders for supplements can be shipped directly to your door.

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